Your Donation Matters

The vibrant community of Van Meter is built on the combination of our teachers & staff, students and our families.  Everyone works together to create the best environment for our children to learn and grow into well-rounded young adults who will be ready for their middle school years.  This combined effort relies on the support of our time and dollars.

Fundraising is an important role of the Home & School Club, as we are responsible for funding $306,439 worth of programs in the 2019-2020 school year.  Your support in this fundraising effort is paramount.

Funded Programs = $500 per child

Yes, it’s true, the H&SC will spend $500 per child this year. Much of this funding goes toward essential technology, programs, teacher development and classroom supplies that you might assume your property taxes pay. But with state level funding cuts and other financial pressures, many key expenses are now paid by parents. The chart below provides a detailed breakout of funded programs:

Van Meter Home & School Club 2019-20 Budget
 Program  Description  $ PER STUDENT
TechnologyTechnology for all grades, including refresh of needed Chromebooks and iPads$124
Student EnrichmentLVM STEAM Lab, Project Cornerstone, Science Fair, Science Camp & Scholarships, Clay Program, School Musical, Math Olympiad/Club, FunZone, Art Docent Materials$133
Student Curriculum & Teacher DevelopmentCommon Core Implementation Support (ie, Achieve 3000) and Professional Development$  99
Teacher & Student SuppliesStudent School Supplies, Teacher Supply Fund, Hands on Science Kits, Kid-Published Books$106
Community Programs & EventsFour Leaf Online Directory, Family Picnic & Movie Night, Red Ribbon Week, Safe Routes to School, Bulldog Stampede, Fun & Field Day, Teacher Appreciation$    8
Operating ExpensesSoftware Applications, Taxes, Bank Fees, etc.$  30

Early donation is needed to pay for above programs, so we urge you to contribute during our Annual Donation campaign August 26th – November 15th.

Explore additional ways to support our fundraising with Giving without Paying where corporations donate to schools based on your purchases.