Thank You Donors

Thanks to all the families who have donated to the Van Meter Home & School Club for the 2018-2019 school year.

Ackalloor family
Adhya family
Agarwal family
Akyildiz family
Alasvandian family
Anderson family
Ankaitis family
Ansjory family
Aslan family
Atwal family
Aubrey family
Baldwin family
Bandy family
Banno family
Bannon family
Barnett family
Barney family
Basham family
Bassani family
Basseri family
Beeman family
Bekerman family
Benjamin family
Benza family
Bhaskar family
Boese family
Bond family
Borenstein family
Boyle family
Brady family
Braidish family
Breshear family
Bulu family
Burlinson family
Button family
Calhoun family
Cantu Valadez family
Casal Montserrat family
Catipon family
Chang family
Chang Hou family
Chauhan family
Chen family
Cheng family
Cho family
Chow family
Chun family
Clevenger family
Cocchiglia family
Corker family
Cresta family
Cui family
Curry family
Czyz family
Dailey family
Daynard family
Dean family
DeBusschere family
Deng family
Di Pasqualucci family
Doslak family
Drew family
Ediger family
Estala family
Fan family
Fenchel family
Filby family
Fischer family
Fisher family
Follmar family
Forbes family
Freiberger family
Freiman family
Fry family
Fumia family
Gaylord family
George family
Goulden family
Goyal family
Grabovac family
Greenstreet family
Griffin family
Hakes family
Hamilton family
Hammer family
Han family
Harrington family
Harris family
Hearney family
Hembree Luo family
Hilal family
Hinson family
Ho family
Hoefer family
Hoffman family
Hoffman Cushing family
Holland family
Holyoak family
Hong family
Hsia family
Hu family
Huang family
Hunt family
Hwang family
Idemoto family
Ito family
Jamieson family
Jamil family
Jebara family
Jerome family
Jiang Chen family
Johnson family
Joshi family
Kanama family
Karam family
Kashyap family
Kazakova family
Kim family
King family
Krings family
Kumaresan family
Kupke family
Laffen family
Laureles family
Leathem family
Leaverton family
Leigh family
Lin family
Lopez family
Lopez family
Lu family
Lum family
Maletic family
Malone family
Manor family
Massa family
Matsuoka family
Maurer family
McDonald family
McDonald-Nguyen family
Mevissen family
Michelony family
Miller family
Miyagi family
Monk-Shuttleworth family
Moore family
Mu family
Narwal family
Navala family
Newell family
Ng family
Nguyen family
Northrop family
O’Malley family
Okubo family
Olcott family
Oliver family
Olvera Nagamedianova family
Ottoni family
Ou family
Owais Ammari family
Padghan family
Palfalvi family
Pancholy family
Park family
Peled family
Peterson family
Petrich family
Phan family
Phan family
Piplani family
Prats family
Pucci family
Raghava family
Raghavan family
Rankine family
Reynolds family
Richmond family
Roberts Copeland family
Rolandi family
Roos family
Roque family
Rostamabadi family
Rotan family
Rutlin family
Sacco family
Sagi family
Saito family
Saltz family
Sanchez Marin family
Saul family
Saunders family
Schlafman family
Schroeder family
Schubert family
Schwarz family
Sen family
Servais family
Shaeffer family
Shaham family
Shaw family
Sherman family
Shetty family
Sinclair family
Siri family
Skorupa family
Slosberg family
Smith family
Smith family
Sprich family
Sroka family
Stephens family
Stephenson family
Sterling family
Stoll family
Strahs family
Stulski family
Surucu family
Sutherland family
Sumner family
Takase family
Tanaka family
Tavana family
Thimot family
Thornton family
Tran family
Tseng family
Tulee family
Tuulos family
Vantress family
Veres family
Verkic family
Walia family
Warrier family
Webb family
Weitz family
Wen family
Wendt family
Wunderlich family
Wysocki family
Xu family
Yadav family
Yan family
Yang family
Yip family
Zaler family
Zang family
Zhang family
Zheng family
Zhu family
Zhuo family

updated as of April 30th, 2019