Room Parent Handbook

Thank you for raising your hand to be a Room Parent…what a great way to get to know your teacher and all the kids in the class!

Your role as Room Parent will be to share information from the teacher and Home & School Club to your parents.  You will also work as a team to plan and execute class activities, such as parties and teacher appreciation.

Below you will find tips and suggestions to help you jump right in.  H&SC will also host a Room Parent meeting during the first few weeks of school to meet everyone, discuss the responsibilities and share any insight.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Scott McDonald VP Community Liaison.

Communication: Be the communication lead from the school to your classrooms.  Demistify and clarify school events, volunteering opportunities and fundraising needs.

  1. Be positive in all communication, create hype and excitement
  2. Email class with school information and reminders of events (school and class events, spirit days, etc).
  3. Personalize your class emails so they are warm and specific to your class needs (try not to just forward communication received from school or H&SC.)
  4. Be specific and create ease in your emails, outlining specific needs and supply all details, dates, times and quick links to outside sign ups.

Participation: Engage the class parents/families and help involve them in school activities – especially new families.

  1. First thing first, schedule time to meet with your teacher and your follow room parents.  Every teacher has their own perspective on class events, so your teacher will share their individual needs.
  2. Plan an event within the first 4 weeks of school whether a simple park date, parents night out or family hosted party.  Those who are looking to connect will attend and friendships will be formed. Encourage carpool, playdates, sharing afterschool activity information.
  3. Organize class participation at larger school events to make sure all parents feel welcome and not intimidated to attend.  Create sections for the class or grade at school events (ie movie night – some of us will meet at a certain section, would love for you to join us – class table at the WAG, etc)
  4. Work with your teacher to plan and organize class parties throughout the year. Make sure to include all parents by volunteering opportunities or just attending parties. Check in with your teacher throughout the year to see if help is needed for other class events, such as; garden, clay, library, yearbook, field trips.  Make sure to take pictures throughout the year to include in the class page of the yearbook.
  5. Organize teacher appreciation with student projects and parent gifts using Room Funds.  Suggest dividing funds to celebrate your teacher’s birthday, a holiday gift at winter break and one larger or several smaller gifts during Teacher Appreciation as well as a thank you at the end of school year.

Class Funds: We recommend asking funds from class parents ($40 per student is the recommended amount) and utilize the money throughout the year, giving a report each time funds are used..  For example if your class has 20 kids, the Room Parents will have a budget of $800 for the year.  In this case, we would suggest using $50 for each class party ($200 total) and reserving $600 to provide teacher gifts and student crafts.  You may also ask your teacher if they would like funds to go towards classroom gardens, etc.  Work with your teacher to best determine the use of the funds.