The Play

Announcing this year’s play…..

The Adventures of Captain Starblaster is an action-packed, sci-fi spoof packing a hilarious punch!  Ten thousand years in the future, the galaxy stands in peril – hostile aliens, sinister thugs, and strange forces lurk at every turn.  But one man stands between the galaxy and those who would do it harm…Captain Starblaster, defender of the galaxy!  Will Captain Starblaster and his trusty sidekick (and his trusty sidekick’s trusty sidekick and his fearless crew) thwart the evil plans of Colonel Chaos and his goons?  Will the galaxy be saved?  Will there be enough Galaxy Flakes cereal for everyone?  With songs ranging from gospel ode to evil scheming, and from a doo-wop lament to a rousing alien dance extravaganza, this musical soars along with energy and quirky characters galore.  It doesn’t get campier – or more fun – than this!
Tickets on sale 1/17/18 @
Performances will be at Blossom Hill
Thursday Feb 1st 6pm Apollo Cast
Friday Feb 2nd 7pm Solo Cast
Saturday Feb 3rd 3pm Kirk Cast & 7pm Robinson Cast
Sunday Feb 4th 12noon Apollo Cast
Wednesday Feb 7th 6pm Solo Cast
Thursday Feb 8th 6pm Robinson Cast
Friday Feb 9th 7pm Kirk Cast
​Saturday Feb 10th 11am Solo Cast, 3pm Robinson Cast, 7pm Apollo Cast
Sunday Feb 11th 1pm Kirk Cast
Please visit The Play official webpage at for all the details and important upcoming dates and instructions.
Applications are required from all interested 4th & 5th grade students, both an CBS Online Audition Form and a CSB Audition Form written by students are due by Oct 4th.   Detailed Application Instructions are available to guide you.  The Play is amazing for the students, but it is also a commitment for them and the parents, please review Parent Responsibilities. If your student is new to The Play, check out this FAQ.
Important Dates:
Applications Open: Sept. 20th – Oct 4th
Mandatory Parent Meeting: date coming soon
Auditions: Oct. 10 -14th
Rehearsals Start: Monday Oct. 16th

Looking forward to seeing our Van Meter 4th & 5th graders join the all new The Play bringing our schools together for one big, fantastic, amazing show!