Community Partner Program

Thank you for your interest in supporting Louise Van Meter Elementary School!  With your partnership, the LVM Home & School Club will be providing financial assistance to fund key educational programs important for today’s children.

Due to continued state and local cutbacks, Home & School Club donations are even more critical to maintain our high education standards.  Your tax-deductible donation will help fund a wide range of educational programs, including art, science and physical education, as well as technology and school improvement initiatives for Los Gatos’ oldest elementary school.

Community is an important goal at Van Meter, so we look forward to connecting your business with over 400 families who are your key consumers in the Los Gatos area.  As a community supporter of Van Meter, we will ensure your presence on our campus and all HSC events, prominently displayed on our newly improved website, direct communication with parents and on t-shirts given to each and every one of our kids.  What an amazing way to organically reach your consumers…AND feel great about your community support.

We look forward to working together in lifting up our kids and bring together the greater Los Gatos community.  Thank you in advance for your generous support of Van Meter and please feel free to reach out with any questions.


Margo Moore
Van Meter Home & School Club President

Community PartnerSchool PartnerGrade Partner
Sponsorship includes:$3000
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Logo on homepage of Home & School Club websiteXXX
Logo on campus in various locationsXXX
Logo in each monthly newsletter with opportunity to include a one time promotionXX
Logo on Bulldog Stampede T-shirts given to each childX
Logo & Thank you mention on Facebook postX