Math Olympiad

Van Meter 4th and 5th grade students are eligible to join this after school parent taught elective to learn more, explore more and have more fun with math concepts.

Students learn age-appropriate mathematical concepts that push their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.  While Math Olympiad does actually create enthusiasm for math, it’s not only about the math; it’s about taking on challenges, learning strategies for problem-solving, building perseverance, pushing creativity, and thinking outside the box — skills that are useful no matter what one pursues in life as his or her passion.

Parent volunteers teach an after school Math Olympiad class (typically 1 hour per week from September to March) introducing problem solving strategies through fun and challenging math problems. Once a month, between November and March, the students take a 30 minute test consisting of 5 questions, as prepared and distributed to all participating teams by MOEMS ( Sample tests are available here ( On contest weeks, it has become a tradition to spend the remaining 30 minutes of class time on a pizza party, reminding Van Meter participants to celebrate the hard work they put into the test irrespective of the scores they achieve. Note: all participants in each school are required to take the test at the exact same time, so missed tests cannot be made up.

At the end of each season, MOEMS presents all participants with certificates, and also provides several awards ( at the individual and team level. Individual awards are based on the cumulative score achieved by each participant across all five tests. Team awards are based on a team’s overall score, obtained as the sum of its top 10 student scores.
Check our newsletters below for more information about how the program is run each year and about the amazing results obtained by our Van Meter teams at the individual and team level!
Newsletters & Accomplishments:
2017-2018: The 5th grade team earned a Highest Team Achievement plaque for making top 10% of all participating teams. One student obtained a perfect score, two students placed in the top 2%, and seven students placed in the top 10% of all participating students. More details and some pictures can be found here
2016-2017:  The 5th grade team put Van Meter in the top 10% of schools participating.  Two Bulldogs placed in the top 2% of all students!
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The MOEMS organization is a non-profit organization that sponsors a worldwide mathematics competition for grades 4-6 and 6-8. There are typically over 150,000 participants per year in the program, from the US and overseas.