Classroom Gardens

With the initiative of a few inspired parents and the H&SC, Classroom Gardens has been formally established with the goal to allow all Van Meter children in grades K-­3 to participate in the educational and enriching opportunity of having a class vegetable garden! As we establish the program, 4th and 5th grade classes will be included as well.

We have found that class gardens can provide children with almost unlimited learning opportunities, including:

  • plant anatomy
  • life cycles
  • water cycles
  • nutrition
  • artificial and natural selection
  • biodiversity
  •  experimental design
  • math, measurement
  • weather patterns
  • and…raising food!

The new gardening program can assist teachers and volunteer parents in

  • recruiting volunteers
  • establishing/revamping garden beds
  • designing garden­related lesson plans
  • designing garden planting plans
  • finding expert advice for maintaining gardens/mentoring
  • providing shared tools/resources
  • funding garden projects

Last year, Santa Clara Master Gardener provided a garden parent workshop and we hope to extend that opportunity this year. (Master Gardeners go through extensive training to learn about gardening in Santa Clara County and then act as volunteer garden experts in their communities.)

Pam Bond, Garden Program Chair