About Us

Who We Are

The Van Meter Home & School Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  We form the bridge between parents and the school.  Our mission is twofold:  (1) bring the Van Meter community — parents, teachers and kids — closer together through community events and programs and (2) organize, staff, and fund supplemental equipment, classes, and people that enrich the educational experience for the children of Van Meter (list of activities).

Why the need for Donations

This video describes the ways our schools receive funding and compares Los Gatos funding to other school districts.


What We Spend

Our 2019-2020 budget calls for $306,439 in spend (about $500 per child!).  All of this money must come from parent and corporate donations.
Reimbursement forms: If you need the Home & School Club to reimburse you for any HS&C related expense, please fill out the attached form and provide your receipts + an explanation of funds requested to Assistant Treasurer.

What We Need

Your support!  You can help by volunteering and providing financial donations.

HSC101 – Learn More

2019-2020 Board Presentation

Voting on May 23,2019 8:15AM

President, Margo Moore

President Elect, Avery Kaufman

Treasurer, Renee Shaeffer

Assistant Treasurer, Lea Kupke

VP Communications, Scott McDonald

VP Fundraising, Carrie Dean

VP Programs, Courtney Fischer

Secretary/Parliamentarian, Sunny Webb