Annual Donation

This year, we have introduced an enhanced Annual Donation program to streamline fundraising efforts, provide clarity and ease of participation.  We are asking for each family to cover the cost paid by Home & School Club for their student in 2017-18 during the donation campaign of August 21st – November 15th.

We thank you for your immediate action this back to school season, as your Home & School club will be writing grants and checks to pay for your child’s programs as early as September 2017.  This means we must raise all funds in this 2017 calendar year.

Requested donation is $600 per child, but if you are able to do more, please do as all your donation will stay at Van Meter School to help cover more children and expand our enrichment programs.

Make your donation now:

One Time Donation

Pay once, and you’re done for the year.

Corporate Matching

It will be important for families to consider if their company has a Corporate Matching program to double your impact.  We have provided a link below to help determine if your company currently has a matching program, but please ask your Human Resources Department if your company is not included.  

To learn more about how your company can potentially DOUBLE your donation or otherwise support Van Meter please click here

These funds will make a big difference in our efforts!

Corporate Matching