About Us

Who We Are

The Van Meter Home & School Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  We form the bridge between parents and the school.  Our mission is twofold:  (1) bring the Van Meter community — parents, teachers and kids — closer together through community events and programs and (2) organize, staff, and fund supplemental equipment, classes, and people that enrich the educational experience for the children of Van Meter (list of activities).

What We Spend

Our 2017-2018 budget calls for $335,000 in spend (about $600 per child!).  All of this money must come from parent and corporate donations.

What We Need

Your support!  You can help by volunteering and providing financial donations.

2017-2018 Board Members

Jessica Bandy, President

Olga Montserrat, Treasurer

Sueling Cho, Asst. Treasurer

Cathleen Bannon, VP Communications

Robyn Chen, VP Volunteering/Community Liason

Sue Sweet,  VP Technology

Shari Saul, Parliamentarian

Sharon Hinson, Secretary